Would it be enough to take folate in food?

Folate that is consumed in food is in its inactive form, and it was proven that only active form of folate 5MTHF has influence on lowering homocysteine level. With a large number of people, folate cannot transform into its active form due to lack of certain enzymes, therefore it is more effective to take folate in its active form as 5MTHF. This is the reason why all the patients that have problems with heart and blood vessels are recommended additional supplementation with active form of folate. Among other things, CARDIOvitamin® is unique for its active form of folate 5MTHF.

I have high blood pressure. Should I use Cardiovitamin?
High blood pressure represents a risk for heart attack and stroke. With increased level of homocysteine, this risk is multiplied. To reduce this possibility, it is necessary to take CARDIOvitamin®.
I have been taking diuretics for a long time now. I don’t understand why I must take vitamins as well?

Diuretics stimulate accelerated excretion of vitamins, especially B group vitamins thus reducing its presence in organism. This reduces activity performed by folate, but also many other vital functions. This is why all persons that take diuretics are advised to use CARDIOvitamin®.

Is homocysteine formed with all humans?

Yes, this an inevitable process that takes place in every organism. Even relatively healthy persons, with unhealthy habits, such as consuming big quantities of coffee or alcohol or smoking have higher homocysteine level in blood. This increases risk of heart vessels disease and heart condition.

Can I have my homocysteine level measured?

There are blood analysis that measure homocysteine level and can be performed in biochemical laboratories.

My family has a history of heart diseases and stroke. Should I use Cardiovitamin?

Yes, CARDIOvitamin® is advised to all persons that have blood vessels diseases in their family history.